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What is PRMS?

PRMS is an easy-to-use application that allows you to save time searching records in your parish registers. It will contain all the records from your Baptismal, Confirmation, Marriage and Death registers, which can be directly printed into a certificate with one mouse click.

How it works?

  • e-Celtic collects and scans your registers to create a back-up of the original books.
  • e-Celtic installs PRMS to enter new records, search and print them instantly.
  • Comprehensive training and annual support is provided.
  • e-Celtic can also enter the historical data from all the registers for you.


  • Add on going records
  • Search all your register books in seconds
  • Print baptismal, confirmation, marriage and death certificates directly from your computer.
  • Edit the records
  • View the family tree of an individual
Want to find out more? We can organise a 15 minute demonstration in your parish. Call us now on +353 1 6120846 to book your demo.

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